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Men: Do you realize that as a man over forty, you are 5 times more likely to become a victim of violent street crime? Especially if you are established and high profile. However, there is a system of self-defense that you can learn in your forties, fifties and beyond that will give you the skills and self confidence to be able to protect yourself and your family in most situations.

Women: Women are frequently victims of violent crimes. Don’t become a victim. Learn Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Because Wing Chun was developed by women, it is the perfect self defense system for a woman to learn.

Sifu Alan Lamb is from England. He is a Hong Kong trained master of Wing Chun and Chi Gung energy healing, with over 30 years of teaching experience under his belt.

Sifu Lamb is available for private instruction. Alternatively, morning group classes in Wing Chun will be available in La Canada commencing January 2013.

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Cutting edge therapy for the blind and stroke victims

Sifu Lamb taught for two years at the National Institute for the Blind in London, working with a group of blind physical therapy students. He also taught one of the top neurologists in Los Angeles for many years, who encouraged Sifu Lamb to put together a program to help stroke victims.


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